AvWings travels to Oshkosh 2000

click to enlargeThere were over 50 T-6's gathered at the show.
click to enlargeStill more T-6 Texans.
click to enlargeThe Cessna O-2 (Civilian type 337 Skymaster). This one saw service in Viet Nam.
click to enlargeA T-6 texan with the side inspection panel removed for judging. What a beauty.
click to enlargeThe Navion was used by the Air Force and referred to as the L-17.
click to enlargeAnother post cold war warbird, the Nanching CJ-6, a popular and affordable warbird.
click to enlargeAnother CJ-6 from China
click to enlargeEven the O-2's had an entire line devoted to them.
click to enlargeLooks like a Cessna 172 but it's really a T-41 from the US Air Force. Called the 'Mescalero', this one was built by Cessna in 1967. The official model number is an R172E.
click to enlargeFriday morning and the weather is definately not cooperating.

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