AvWings travels to Oshkosh 2000

click to enlargeMore MIG-21 Instruments
click to enlargeThere always seems to be plenty of help available when you're trying to park your F-16. It looks almost effortless for the pilot.
click to enlargeOne of the enormous R3350's from the Super Constellation. 18 Cylinders, 36 spark plugs, and supercharged to 3250 horsepower.
click to enlargeThe main square. Note Jimmy Buffet's Grumman Albatross "Margaritaville" in the background.
click to enlargeThe future of avaition electronics. These enormous displays are roughly the size of laptop computer screens. They display much of the same information as a modern airliner including online terrain reference maps. All powered by the trusty GPS unit (lower right, center). This was featured in a Lancair mockup.
click to enlargeMeanwhile, back in warbird city, a fairly large collection of flyable Corsairs. Perhaps the largest gathering in modern times.
click to enlargeThe classic gull-wing design of the Corsair was used to keep the huge prop from striking the ground on takeoff.
click to enlargeThe Republic P47D Thunderbolt
click to enlargeThis rare Supermarine Spitfire had a 5 bladed propeller.
click to enlargePerhaps largest in number were the T-6 Texans. Always a favorite with warbird enthusiasts.

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