AvWings travels to Oshkosh 2000

click to enlargeYet another Cessna arrives and taxis to the campground. This is a 1973 Cessna 172M.
click to enlargeThis 1977 Cessna 210M came all the way from Arizona.
click to enlargeA view down the long parallel (grass) taxiway. It's Tuesday night and the campgrounds are already over half full.
click to enlargeHere are some happy campers. It's a prime location, right next to the runway.
click to enlargeA Navion from Canada.
click to enlargeAt 37 years old, this P35 Bonanza from 1963 looks like it just rolled off of the assembly line.
click to enlargeThis one did just roll off of the assembly line. It's a 1999 Cessna 172 SP (180 HP) from Texas.
click to enlargeIt may be small, but it can outrun just about any car on the road.
click to enlargeThis is the cockpit of the EAA's MIG-21 supersonic fighter. Some of the instruments have been Americanized, but it's still got the same gusto it had 30 years ago.
click to enlargeAnother shot of the MIG-21 cockpit

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